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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Choosing the perfect bridal headpiece to complement your hair type can be a daunting task, but don't worry, we're here to help. Here are some tips on how to find the right bridal headpiece!

What is your hair type? The first step is to determine your hair type. Is it thick, thin, curly, or straight? Knowing your hair type will help you choose a headpiece that will stay in place and complement your hair. Be sure your stylist can work with and has products for your type of hair and don't hesitate to ask for a few different options if you are unsure. What type of gown are you wearing? Your headpiece should complement the style of your gown. If your gown has simple, clean lines, you might want a headpiece that is understated, such as a delicate tiara, small flower clip, or a sheer veil. If your dress is more elaborate, you might want more drama, such as a beaded headband or a statement hair comb. Keep in mind the theme of your wedding. Is it boho? Is it vintage inspired, or more modern? Working with the aesthetic of your big day will keep everything cohesive.

Where do you want to wear your headpiece? Do you want your headpiece to be front and center or tucked away in the back? If you have an updo, you might want a headpiece that can be placed on the side or back of your head. If you have long, flowing locks, you might want a veil that can be placed at the top of your head with a blusher in front.

Are you wearing a veil? If you plan on wearing a veil, you'll want to choose a headpiece that will work well with it. For example, if you plan on wearing a long veil, you might want a headpiece that is simple and understated so that it doesn't compete with the veil. If you plan on wearing a short veil or no veil at all, you might want a headpiece that is more elaborate. You can also switch from a veil at your ceremony to a completely different headpiece at your reception. Do you know your face shape? Different headpieces can complement different face shapes. If you have a round face, you might want a headpiece that adds height, such as a tiara or a headband. If you have an oval face, you can wear almost any type of headpiece, but a headband or a hair comb that sits at the side of your head can be especially flattering. If you have a square face, you might want a headpiece that softens your features, such as a floral crown or soft veil with a blusher.

After answering these simple questions, you will be better prepared to select your wedding accessories. Don't forget to check out our gorgeous options here, and happy hunting!

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