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Call us wayfarers, wanderers, travelers, or nomads. Our free-spirited brides are dancing, laughing, and floating place to place unrestrained with grace and wide-eyed wonder. Every whimsical piece in our collection is named for the destination it was inspired by. You can dream of wandering through an Italian village while wearing one of our gorgeous dip-dyed veils, navigate the coastline of a greek island in a unique raw crystal crown, or explore the german countryside in a lush silk flower halo. Every item is handmade in New York City. The silk is individually dip-dyed, the crowns are meticulously wired stone by stone, and the veils are hand pleated in custom molds. We take pride in creating each style with the utmost care, and in using only the best quality fabrics, raw stones, and durable materials. 

Please contact us for any customization. We are happy to dye a new shade, source a special stone, or find the perfect type of flower just for you!

Thank you for visiting!

Angela Boswell

owner | designer

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